TRANSNUSA has opened new flight routes to Eastern Indonesia, namely Manado, Ambon, Sorong and Timika. These new routes are designed not only to expand accessibility for tourists, but also to strengthen connectivity between regions in Eastern Indonesia.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, in his statement, Thursday (03/21), 2024, said we welcomed TransNusa for its commitment to providing a better and more affordable travel experience by launching new routes to the eastern part of Indonesia.

“This step not only marks the expansion of TransNusa’s domestic and international flight network, but also strengthens its position as a trusted Premium Service Carrier. “Eastern Indonesia, with destinations such as Manado, Ambon, Sorong and Timika, offers extraordinary natural riches and compelling cultural experiences for tourists,” said Sandiaga.

The city of Manado in North Sulawesi, he continued, is known for its spectacular underwater beauty in Bunaken National Park, while Ambon, the capital of Maluku, offers unrivaled beach beauty and diverse culture.

“Sorong, the gateway to Raja Ampat in West Papua, is a diver’s paradise with stunning coral reefs and rich marine life. Timika, in Papua Province, offers a thrilling adventure with access to Mount Carstensz, one of the highest climbing destinations in the world. “From underwater riches to majestic mountains,” said Sandiaga.

Meanwhile, TransNusa Group Chief Executive Officer, Datuk Bernard Francis, explained that the addition of these new routes aims to bring a better and more affordable travel experience to passengers throughout Indonesia.

“All new routes to eastern Indonesia will be available with prices starting from just IDR 999,000 for one way, providing the opportunity for more people to explore the natural and cultural beauty that Eastern Indonesia has to offer,” said Datuk.

The following are details of the new routes that will be operated by TransNusa: (1). Denpasar-Manado (three times a week). Operational starting April 2 2024, this route will provide more choices for travelers to visit Manado, a destination rich in natural and cultural beauty.

(2). Manado-Sorong (Every day starting 5 April 2024), Starting 5 April 2024, TransNusa will serve this route every day which is expected to provide more flexibility for customers in planning trips to Sorong.

(3). Manado-Ambon (Every day starting April 5 2024). Starting April 5 2024, TransNusa will serve this route every day, allowing passengers to explore the beauty of Ambon and return to Manado more easily.

(4). Ambon-Sorong and Sorong-Timika (Every day starting April 18 2024). These routes will begin operating daily from 18 April 2024, providing better accessibility for passengers who wish to explore the natural beauty of Ambon or continue their journey to Timika

Datuk said that TransNusa is committed to continuing to improve its services and flight network in order to provide an optimal travel experience for passengers. With the addition of these new routes, TransNusa is here to strengthen connectivity and facilitate tourism and economic growth in the Eastern Indonesia region.

“As an aviation company with roots in Eastern Indonesia, TransNusa is honored to be able to return to serving the local community and build strong connectivity between beautiful and diverse islands. “Like this inspiring history, TransNusa is determined to bring quality, reliable and friendly services to passengers, strengthen existing relationships and open new avenues for growth and progress throughout the region,” concluded Datuk Bernard Francis. []