THE TOURISM service satisfaction that tourists receive will have a big impact on their travel experience so that it becomes added value and an attraction for them to come to Indonesia repeatedly.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, Saturday (03/30), 2024 in Batam, said that of the 11.7 million foreign tourists in 2023, those who came to Indonesia more than twice were driven by the tourism experience they get it.

“One of the reasons for the travel experience is satisfaction with service. This factor is what differentiates Indonesians so that they are interested in coming to Indonesia many times. Service satisfaction includes the way of communication, attitude, behavior, way of greeting, and others,” he said.

Sandiaga explained that the tourists who come want to heal, but there will definitely be obstacles they will face, starting from language and culture. This is what we must provide a solution with good service.

“For this reason, I appreciate the implementation of the technical guidance event resulting from the collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and the Riau Islands Province Tourism Office. “It is hoped that the participants consisting of representatives of associations as well as tourism and creative economy actors in the Riau Islands can improve services for tourists,” Sandiaga stated.

“Especially to innovate, adapt and collaborate in order to improve the quality of service so as to provide a memorable experience for tourists. Because we are trying to increase tourist visits significantly,” he underlined.

Moreover, he continued, the Riau Islands are the third largest entry point for foreign tourists coming to Indonesia after Bali and Jakarta. The Riau Islands are considered not only to have diverse attractions, but also good infrastructure.

“Therefore, increasing the readiness of human resources (HR) is very important to continue to strengthen the Riau Islands as the third largest gateway for foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia. So that the Riau Islands are better prepared in terms of service and hospitality,” he noted.

Short Term Visa
On this occasion, Sandiaga also stated that he would again follow up on the proposal from the Riau Islands Provincial Government regarding the application for the implementation of a seven-day short term visa for foreign tourists visiting the Riau Islands.

Previously, Minister Sandiaga had sent a letter to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights as well as the Ministry of Finance regarding this matter. “We propose that the short-term visa fee be US$10. “It is hoped that this short-term visa will be able to increase foreign tourist visits to the Riau Islands, which this year is targeted at 3 million,” he concluded. []