THE MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy is collaborating with all stakeholders to ensure the readiness of regions and tourist destinations to welcome the 2024 Eid holiday.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno in The Extended Weekly Press Briefing, at the Manhattan Hotel, Jakarta, Monday (4/01), 2024, said that to ensure the readiness of destinations and tourist destination locations in terms of security, safety and excellent service To tourists, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has delivered a Circular regarding the Implementation of Safe, Comfortable and Enjoyable Tourism Activities during the Homecoming Holidays and Idul Fitri 1445 H to all Regional Governments (Provincial, Regency, City) and all tourism business actors.

“This letter can be replicated by all Regional Governments to be circulated in their respective regions. The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will coordinate intensively with related parties such as the Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Health, Police and National Search & Rescue Agency (BASARNAS),” said Sandiaga.

Meanwhile, the Deputy for Destination and Infrastructure Development at the Tourism Ministry, Hariyanto, added that this Circular Letter was also circulated to communities and tourism and creative economy actors in each region.

“Coordination continues to be carried out with various parties and also to monitor, especially during this holiday period, intensive monitoring has been prepared. Preparations were carried out on March 26-27 2024 and will be intensified during the holiday period, April 5-15 2024,” said Hariyanto.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has also observed five provinces that are included in the main destinations for homecoming travel, namely DIY, East Java, West Java, North Sumatra and West Sumatra.

If we look at the characteristics of the visit, the majority of tourists come from areas around the destination and intra-provincial communities; the density of tourist activities will begin on H+1 of Eid; the occupancy rate is predicted to be more than 80%, even up to 100% in favorite destinations; Length of Stay (LoS) for intra-provincial tourists averages 1-2 nights; while tourists from outside the province can stay up to 4 nights.

“Of course, we have made various efforts and collaborated with parties related to the business industry, and also the government. We ensure that there is security, comfort and safety in visiting tourist destinations,” Hariyanto remarked.

Meanwhile, for monitoring tourism activities, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has prepared the Sisparnas Platform (National Tourism Information System:

Here, he continued that data can be captured in real time, especially for several destinations which have strong indications of visits by travelers who of course will visit destinations in their regions, especially in West Java, Central Java, DIY and East Java. Tourists who want to vacation in tourist villages can access the Jadesta platform.

“Finally, we have the Jadesta platform to a large extent, to date there have been 5,280 villages networked with the Jadesta platform. “There are profiles, activities, and suggested destinations in tourist villages for travelers to spend the Eid al-Fitr holiday before and after,” Hariyanto concluded. []