THE INCREASE in community movement during the homecoming and Eid holidays this year has had a significant impact on the tourism and creative economy (Parekraf) with economic turnover in this sector estimated at IDR369.8 trillion.

According to Tourism Ministry’s Senior Expert Staff, Nia Niscaya in “The Weekly Brief with Nia Niscaya” in Jakarta, Tuesday (4/16), 2024, said this calculation is based on the estimated number of people’s movements recorded by the Ministry of Transportation, as well as the percentage of people who travel and the average -average tourist expenditure based on survey results from the Ministry of Tourism.

Nia further explained, based on a survey conducted by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, data was obtained regarding the activity preferences of domestic tourists during the 2024 Eid holiday. The survey was conducted on 1,756 respondents, with survey results as of April 14 2024 showing that the people’s biggest tourist attraction preference is beaches/lake by 56.1%.

“Next are culinary centers (50.8%), mountains/agritourism (41.9%), recreation parks/zoos (29.9%), and shopping centers (26.6%). Meanwhile, the duration of the trip includes one day or one day trip (49.5%) and two to four days (36.2%). As for accommodation preferences, using star hotels (34.5%) and family accommodation (26.9%),” she said.

Then, she continued, favorite tourist destinations when returning home for Eid 2024 include Malioboro, Ciwidey, Pangandaran, Parangtritis, Puncak Bogor, Ragunan, Lembang, Borobudur and Bromo.

“Indeed, statistically the largest movement of foreign tourists is on (the island of) Java because the number (population) is large, the infrastructure development is also good, making it easier for domestic tourists during the homecoming and Eid holidays,” Nia remarked.

The average travel expenditure per person is estimated at IDR2.73 million, with the largest expenditure being used for accommodation, followed respectively by transportation, food and drink, and souvenirs.

“The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy will continue to coordinate with various parties such as Bank Indonesia, the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), the Ministry of Transportation and Regional Governments regarding the realization of the economic turnaround in the tourism and creative (Parekraf) sector during the 2024 Eid homecoming period,” she elaborated.

Even though it had an impact, Nia added, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy noted several things when there was a surge in visitors to destinations during the 2024 Eid holiday.

Based on monitoring by the Ministry of Tourism via and various sources, these things range from traffic jams at various points, natural and non-natural disasters, abundant waste generation, as well as reports of illegal levies. in several tourist destinations.

“The provision of parking bags needs to be a concern for stakeholders in each destination. The Tourism Ministry also recommends that the Regional Government communicate the Government’s commitment to maintaining conduciveness in tourist areas by involving various related parties, especially in efforts to actively prevent and overcome extortion practices in tourist destinations,” Nia concluded. []