OPTISMISTIC that the implementation of the Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival 2024 will be able to accelerate the achievement of targets for foreign tourist visits and the movement of domestic tourists this year.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno at a press conference in Jakarta, Monday (04/22), 2024, said that for 2024, the target for domestic tourist movements that has been set is 1.25 billion-1.5 billion movements and 17 million arrivals. foreign tourists. Therefore, in order to achieve this goal, various breakthroughs must be made, one of which is through the presence of international standard music events such as Java Jazz.

“How wonderful it would be that in 2024 we will give the sacred figure of 17 million foreign tourist visits and 1.5 billion foreign tourist movements and we can also hope that this (event) will support the target of foreign tourist visits to Indonesia,” said Sandiaga.

In addition, Sandiaga revealed that the festival, which will be held on May 24-26, 2024 at JIExpo, Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, is well known in the international market. Therefore, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy provides full support for this event.

“We continue to support it because this is Indonesia’s strength, not to mention when we look at ethnic music and so on, so we are really all out, and the brand that is most widely known is Java Jazz, I also hope that Java Jazz can become an IP that appears on the world stage and can also bring change,” he said.

Sandiaga said that one of the supports for this event was by inviting the Ministers of Tourism and Creative Economy from ASEAN countries and surrounding areas to witness this festival. I also invite the Ministers of Creative Economy of Australia, Malaysia, India, Singapore, Timor Leste, Thailand to attend JJF with an official invitation from the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy.

Meanwhile, President Director of Java Festival Production, Dewi Gontha appreciated the support of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy for this event, which was held for the 19th time. This cooperation always provides solutions to obstacles faced by the production team.

“Because we cannot maximize promotions abroad and this is the right way. Now the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy also plays a big role, especially music, is very concerned about the rules, how to accommodate our constraints,” Dewi remarked.

The Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival 2024 will feature 11 stages with 120 performances by 94 artists, consisting of 17 groups of foreign musicians and 77 local musicians. []