PANUA Pohuwato Airport, inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on Monday (04/22), 2024 is expected to spur more economic activities in Gorontalo Province, Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi stated.

“Panua Pohuwato Airport serves as a testament to the government’s commitment to mitigating disaster-prone areas and as an instrument for growing economies in Pohuwato District and Gorontalo Province,” Sumadi noted in his ministry’s statement received here on Tuesday.

The minister underscored that the newly inaugurated airport, situated in Pohuwato District, is the 25th airport built under the president’s instruction to develop 27 new airports across the country.

“The Panua Pohuwato Airport is believed to be a very productive facility expected to stimulate the local economies, as it takes over four hours on road to reach (Pohuwato) from Gorontalo (City),” he pointed out.

The Panua Pohuwato Airport hosts a runway that stretches 1,200 meters x 30 meters, a taxiway of 15 m x 170 m in length, a 110 m x 70 m-long apron, and a terminal building covering 990 square meters of land. Its runway enables the airport to accommodate ATR 72-600 aircraft, offering seating for 72 passengers.

The minister then explained that the design for the airport draws inspirations from the style of four traditional houses of Gorontalo Province, namely Dulohupa, Bantayo Poboide, Bodel, and Ma’lihe or Potiwaluya.

To showcase impressions of luxury and majesty, the roof of the airport’s terminal adopts the style of terraced roofs common in Gorontalo traditional houses, he remarked.

He further highlighted that the government also applies a modern concept for the airport without neglecting the exotic local cultural beauty.

“The design is meant to make the airport look like a welcoming, comfortable traditional house,” he explained.

Sumadi then drew attention to the dominant colors of white and brown at the airport, saying that they draw inspiration from the wealth of natural resources possessed by Pohuwato District.

He expressed hope that the existence of the Panua Pohuwato Airport would provide people with broader access to means of transport and bring about positive impacts on the economy of Sulawesi Island. “This airport is also expected to expand trade and tourism activities,” he stated. [antaranews/photo special]