A NEW history for the leading hotel operator in Indonesia, ARTOTELGroup officially inaugurated the operation of ARTOTEL Gelora Senayan, previously occupied by Hotel Century Senayan. This was marked by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding by the Managing Director of Gelora Bung Karno Complex Management Center (PPKGBK), Rakhmadi Afif Kusumo and the Founder & CEO of ARTOTELGroup, Erastus Radjimin.

According to Rakhmadi Afif Kusumo, during the press conference for the inauguration of ARTOTEL Gelora Senayan, Monday (04/22), 2024, said that the transition process of transferring hotel management from the previous management had been going on since December 2023, starting with an open tender process marked by market exposure activities. followed by dozens of hotel operators.

“It is done transparently and through professional tender/pitching phases, which PPKGBK conducted with several hotel operators in Indonesia. This is also a new piece of history for PPKGBK, where the appointment of hotel management using the new Management Cooperation (KSM) pattern occurred after 30 years of using the Operational Cooperation (KSO) pattern with previous partners,” he said.

Rakhmadi added, by carrying the slogan “The triumphant story of Indonesia’s new cultural oasis, uniting the best of sports, arts and entertainment”, emphasizing the unity of three important elements that are the pillars of Gelora Bung Karno (GBK). The transformation of GBK’s commercial area also illustrates GBK’s commitment to integrating and strengthening the links between sports, arts and entertainment.

“This tagline communicates a story of success, a new oasis that has emerged in Indonesia, offering diverse and dynamic experiences and symbolizing the combination of rich national culture with the spirit of modernization and sustainability. It is hoped that this will become the unique character of ARTOTEL Gelora Senayan and breathe new life into the GBK area as a new lifestyle destination in the heart of the Jakarta metropolitan area, bringing together various aspects of cultural and social life in Indonesia,” he said.

Meanwhile, the founder and CEO of ARTOTELGroup, Erastus Radjimin, emphasized that this hotel will undergo a gradual rejuvenation and renovation process with a more modern design with a touch of art and the implementation of ESG (Environmental, Social & Governance) principles. The hotel will have 594 rooms, 120 of which will be dedicated to athletes and national training centers, and 474 rooms for the general public with nine types of rooms.

“Apart from that, there are several facilities such as Lidah Lokal All Day Dining which serves a variety of local and international dishes, Buka Mata Coffee Shop, 1 ballroom and 9 meeting rooms, swimming pool, tennis court and ARTSPACE as a typical ARTOTEL facility,” said Erastus Radjimin.

Our plan, continued Eratus Radjimin, is that in October 2024, the public will be able to enjoy the new face and quality of Phase 1 of the hotel renovation. There will be several phases that we will go through to reach the ideal level, the rest of which is expected to be completed in 2025. We still have a long way to go and we humbly ask for the public’s blessing and support for all our plans. We will bring real change to hotel stakeholders.

He explained that by implementing the KSM pattern, rebranding and major renovations would be carried out in the area. A hotel that carries an environmentally friendly concept, Modern Clean Minimalist, consistently maintaining 4 (four) star hotel class and maintaining support for national sports by improving and adding room facilities for national athletes.

Likewise, according to Pandu Syahrir, ARTOTELGroup Commissioner said is very grateful for the trust given to PPKGBK to manage ARTOTEL Gelora Senayan in this prestigious area. Our dream is that PPKGBK will make the Gelora Bung Karno area shine in the eyes of the world as a center of Indonesian culture, sports, tourism and arts, as a new lifestyle destination in the heart of the Jakarta metropolitan area, bringing together various aspects of cultural and social life in Indonesia. We will fully support it.

“ARTOTELGroup is a native Indonesian management operator that really pays attention to sustainable business as a whole Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG). We are confident that ARTOTELGroup will become a successful company as a different hospitality brand in Indonesia,” concluded Pandu Syahrir. []