THE INTERNATIONAL Tourism Investment Forum (ITIF) event 2024 has succeeded in generating five Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signatories with a total investment value of IDR862 billion.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, said the total investment is IDR862 billion, and the total (investment) from the first quarter (year) of 2024 has reached almost US$1 billion.

The five-investment cooperation are investment in Parapuar Park Management between Labuan Bajo Flores Tourism Center (BPOLBF) and PT. Eigerindo Multi Industrial Products; Investment Cooperation for the Provision of Electricity in Labuan Bajo between Labuan Bajo Flores Tourism Center (BPOLBF) and PT PLN (Persero) UIW NTT; and MoU on Investment Cooperation for the Use of Exotic Lake View Resort Assets SR-08 between Lake Toba Tourism Center (BPODT) and PT Agung Toba Nauli.

There is also an investment cooperation for the construction of a tourist cable car in Cater between PT. Kamara Citra Destinasi Indonesia, representatives of POMA Group and PT. Sari Bumi Mas (Sari Ater Group); and an investment agreement for the construction of Alam Film Gamplong Studio between JTA International Investment Holding and Troupe with Hanung Bramantyo.

Sandiaga also mentioned several results of the ITIF 2024 event, including: regarding the meeting with UN Tourism, where it was said that Indonesia was the first country to host two major conferences almost simultaneously. Namely, the UN Tourism Conference on Women Empowerment in Bali and then ITIF in Jakarta. Also, I met with representatives from China. During the meeting, it was agreed that a pilot project would be initiated for one destination.

“Maybe later it will be a choice of whether Labuan Bajo will implement net zero from the beginning, from the planning to the completion of construction and operation. And the other is a meeting with Indian representatives to explore digital economic cooperation in the tourism and creative industries,” Sandiaga said.

Meanwhile, the Executive Director of UN Tourism, Natalia Bayona, said that Environmental Social Governance (ESG) has become one of the most important issues facing companies around the world today. According to her, ESG plays an important role in the development of sustainable tourism.

“ESG is an important point to promote sustainability. When we talk about tourism, tourism is transversal, it includes transportation, manufactured goods, factories and agriculture. So ESG will be a transversal benefit, especially social regulation and community-based tourism,” Natalia remarked.

Likewise, the Deputy Chairman of the Coordinator for Maritime, Investment and Foreign Affairs at KADIN Indonesia, Shinta Kamdani, said that ESG has become a standard in starting a business today. I also encouraged Indonesian companies, especially Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), to be aware of ESG standards.

“We have prepared a guide for the implementation of ESG. So, here we show step by step how companies can start implementing ESG in their business (MSMEs),” Shinta concluded. []