THE ISA Art Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition, “Them.” This special event features the art work of 17 artists who explore the complexities of identity, gender, and societal norms. The exhibition challenges perceptions and advocates for transformative change.

At the opening ceremony on Saturday, June 15, 2024, Deborah Iskandar, President Director of ISA Gallery, stated that the artists, representing diverse backgrounds, encompass a spectrum of ethnicities, cultural traditions, religions, and sexual orientations. Their creations span a variety of mediums, including installations, video, painting, sculpture, and photography.

The participating artists include: Aiman, Alexander Hernandez, Ardi Gunawan, Davion Alston, Dzikra Afifah, Ezzam Rahman, Hendryette Louse, Jackson Farley, James Nguyen, Monique Yim, Naraphat Sakarthornsap, Sack Tin Lim, S. Klitgaard, Tamarra, and Vinny Castro. The “Them” exhibition invites attendees to explore the multifaceted nature of human existence and celebrate the beauty of diversity through an immersive journey of artistic expression.

At the opening exhibition

The “Them” Exhibition, she continued that created by 17 artists, aims to encourage attendees to reflect on their own journey and consider how they navigate their identities within the broader social context. The art exhibition will run from Saturday, June 15 to July 29, 2024 at ISA Gallery, Wisma 46 Kota BNI, Jakarta.

She also added that this exhibition is of particular interest to us, featuring a variety of artworks with special concepts. We are pleased to be able to present another contemporary art exhibition. The exhibition features a diverse range of works inspired by the artist’s personal experiences and observations. The selection criteria are based on the artist’s own vision and creative expression.

Deborah Iskandar posited that the appeal of art lies in the ability of 17 artists to convey emotions and ideas without the constraints of language. This enables art to influence perceptions and expand horizons. However, for me, a key benefit is the opportunity to disconnect from the demands of daily life. It is valuable to appreciate the joy of simple experiences amidst the hectic schedules of art enthusiasts in Jakarta. The “Them” art exhibition is open to all art aficionados. []