THE MINISTRY of Transportation, through the Directorate General of Sea Transportation, in order to support the acceleration of the development of the Indonesian Capital City (IKN) and increase the synergy between ministries and local governments, held a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) with the theme “Providing Phinisi Ships to Support Tourism in the New Region”.

“The Directorate General of Sea Transportation plays a role in providing infrastructure for the sea transportation sector, namely in the form of providing Phinisi Ship services equipped with restaurant facilities,” said Director of Traffic and Sea Transportation of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Ministry of Transportation, Hartanto in a statement in Jakarta, Friday 06 /21), 2024.

When opening the FGD, Hartanto stated that the reason for choosing the Pinisi Ship was because the motor sailing ship (KLM) was a cultural heritage of the archipelago. The presence of the Phinisi Ship in the capital of the archipelago can become an icon and strengthen the national identity.

Moreover, the Phinisi Ship sails with propulsion using engines and sails. This is in line with the vision of the Archipelago Capital to become a green city and reflects Indonesia’s diversity and identity.

“The Archipelago Capital was built not only to move the center of state administration, but has a big goal, which is to distribute development and balance the economy in Indonesia. Therefore, the development of the Archipelago Capital must pay attention to various sectors that can drive the wheels of the regional economy, one of which is quite “potential is the tourism sector,” he said.

The FGD also identified the ship service routes. The ship service route is divided into 2 routes, first from Semayang Harbor-Balang Island Bridge (passing)-PT Pier. ITCI KU (turning)-Semayang Port. The second has the opposite route, namely PT Pier. ITCI KU-Balang Island Bridge (passing)-Semayang Port (turning)-PT Pier. ITCI KU. Total cruise time is 3 hours 30 minutes.

The wooden vessel service will be provided for a period of 5 months from August 1 to December 31, 2024, with a minimum target of 50 trips.

“By providing this maritime service, it is hoped that the Indonesian capital (IKN) will become the main destination for tourists looking for a unique maritime experience. It will also make a significant contribution to local economic development and the preservation of maritime cultural heritage,” Hartanto remarked.

Currently, the Directorate General of Maritime Transportation through the Directorate of Maritime Traffic and Transportation is initiating the provision of 2 (two) units of phinisi ships. Providing a ship with restaurant facilities in IKN will not only be a tourism project, but also a symbol of the country’s commitment to sustainable development and empowerment of local communities.

“We also hope that the East Kalimantan provincial government, especially the tourism office, will be able to help the Phinisi ship operate smoothly. Starting from the readiness and in terms of service promotion while serving the Port of Semayang and PT. ITCI Kartika Utama Pier,” Hartanto concluded. [antaranews]