JAPAN Media Arts Distributed Museum Office opens an exhibition, Japan Media Arts Distributed Museum, in 10 locations, including airports in Japan, as part of a new initiative funded by International Tourist Taxes by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan.

As the first endeavor of this initiative, the office is starting off with a large-scale video installation and a decorative window art piece starting Friday, August 30, the first year of Reiwa (2019) at the New Chitose Airport International Arrivals Concourse.

The exhibition marks the start of a new initiative for visitors to Japan called “Japanese cultural media arts dissemination initiative at airports and other institutions” by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan.

The artists and creators featured in this exhibition capture the cultural resources borne out of various local cultures through fresh perspectives. By showcasing the works of media art in places like airports, which serve as gateways to these regions, the office invites visitors to explore the true spirit of these cultures throughout their travel.

At the New Chitose Airport, animated artwork by creative company “NAKED” highlighting the ethnic Ainu minority’s indigenous culture is showcased in the International Arrivals Concourse. The Ainu people use the name “kamuy” to refer to animals, nature, and the many phenomena that are beyond human understanding. The animation captures the spectacular nature of Hokkaido where the various “kamuy” abide.

The story welcomes visitors from other regions and expresses the spirit of the Ainu people. Additionally, a decorative artwork inspired by traditional Ainu patterns is exhibited on the concourse window, transforming the International Arrivals Concourse into a gateway to Japanese culture by promoting “media art meets Ainu culture”.

This exhibition is displayed within the International Arrivals Concourse, and is not available for viewing by the general public. Only passengers arriving on international flights are able to see this exhibition.  []