THE name of Professor Kanjeng Pangeran Srihadi Soedarsono Adhikoesoemo, MA is no longer sing in the world of painting. Srihadi, a legendary Indonesian painter and painter with high quality paintings, often holds solo exhibition events both at home and abroad. Srihadi’s works are also collected by many classy collectors.

According to Selamet Susanto as a representative of the exhibition organizing committee during the press conference said the works of Srihadi’s paintings were witnesses of historical travels that were etched from Independence to modern times. His works must be known outside of art lovers.

“Srihadi is also a journalist and a National Hero. In the past, cameras were very rare and Srihadi was assigned to certain areas in Indonesia. He described the news with his photo work. Themes about struggle, life, nature and love. All collected in his paintings, both in sketches and in paintings with various media, “he said.

He added, on 11 March-9 April, Srihadi held a solo exhibition entitled “Srihadi Soedarsono – Man x Universe” at the National Gallery of Indonesia, Jakarta. The exhibition is scheduled to be opened by Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir. In total there are 44 paintings on display, consisting of 38 new paintings, the rest are private collections. All works, except for the Borobudur sketch (1948), use oil paint media on canvas.

These works include Horizon – The Golden Harvest (2018), Borobudur Drawing (1948), Borobudur – The Energy of Nature (2017), Mt. Bromo – The Mystical Earth (2017), Papua – The Energy of the Golden River (2017), The Mystical Borobudur (2019), and Jakarta Megapolitan – Statue of Flood Liberation (2020)

Borobudur’s sketch was made when Srihadi was only 17 years old, but that sebelia has shown intuition and interest in the values ​​of nature, humans, and culture. He described the Borobudur temple with a landscape approach through expressive lines.

This sketch was intentionally displayed along with his latest works as a sign that the Borobudur sketch was the forerunner to Srihadi to make landscape paintings in the future.

“Srihadi Soedarsono – Man x Universe” interprets the beauty of Indonesia’s landscape as a spiritual spirit of a sense of independence and national pride. Because the landscape in Srihadi’s perspective is a deeper theme than a landscape painting that hypnotizes others to come visit, “he said.

Behind the aesthetics of a work there are social, cultural, and even political struggles, and this is what is being put forward in “Srihadi Soedarsono – Man x Universe”. “The Universe is a record of memories, like someone who remembers their memories before writing. This is how I recorded my journey from childhood to the age of 88. How is the paddy field that used to be so wide now that there is no more that wide, “said Srihadi Soedarsono.

In a series of solo exhibitions “Srihadi Soedarsono – Man x Universe” there will also be an exhibition seminar on Saturday, March 28, 2012 at the National Gallery of Indonesia. The exhibition seminar was divided into two discussion sessions namely exhibition and book discussions, with speakers Srihadi Soedarsono, Farida Srihadi, Jean Couteau, A Rikrik Kusmara, and critic / writer of art books, Agus Dermawan T as responders.

This painting exhibition is an appreciation of Srihadi Soedarsono’s achievements through his works. Srihadi is a painter who is consistent and very productive at the age of nine decades. Seeing that Srihadi is not just a painter who exhibits his works, his long artistic journey through various periods is a valuable thing that can be an inspiration and motivation for the public.

Srihadi Soedarsono’s solo exhibition this year is the result of collaboration between Srihadi Studio and Sugar Group Companies for the third time in the last decade, namely “Retrospective 80th Anniversary Exhibition” in 2012, “Srihadi Soedarsono – 70 Years Journey of Roso” in 2016, and “Srihadi Soedarsono – Man x Universe” 2020. [photo special]