MINISTER of Tourism and Creative Economy/Head of Tourism and Creative Economy Agency Wishnutama Kusubandio will encourage the media as one of the creative industries to be able to compete in the digital age.

“Today’s print, online and television media need to work in synergy with digital platforms and increase their competitiveness in the creative industries. To realize the competitiveness of the media as a creative industry, it is necessary to establish a measurement system agreed by the relevant parties,” he said.

He added, if the rating system had been established as a measurement tool for television competitiveness, now a similar system could also be implemented by using other measuring instruments that were in line with the digital era.

“Another thing that also needs to be considered is the speed of the media as a creative industry to adapt to changes so that they are increasingly competitive with each other with ever-increasing quality,” he noted.

Wishnutama reiterates the presence of various digital platforms that are on the rise today is a good opportunity for the media to widen its wings in the creative industry. This is where we see the presence of digital platforms as a good opportunity to spur the development of media as one of the creative industries.

On this occasion, Wishnutama gave an appreciation of the performance of the Indonesian Advertising Association and Nielsen to form a media measurement agreement in the digital age. He considered, the media needs to make various adaptations to respond to changes that occur, where digital platforms have an important role in it.

“In this digital era, we have to make many changes, mindset and strategies. The existence of various digitalisation platforms in this aspect of life is very influential and so many other things that make it an alternative. Media as one of the creative industries has an important role,” he continued .

He also mentined that one proof of the power of the media was how the media raised tourism to be so popular that it delivered tourism as the industry that produced the second largest foreign exchange at this time. []