CHAIRMAN of Task Force for the Acceleration of Handling COVID-19, Lieutenant General Doni Monardo said the government considered all aspects of controlling COVID-19 transmission, including the experience of other countries that had implemented regional quarantine and “lockdown”.

Doni in a press teleconference after a limited meeting with President Joko Widodo in Jakarta on Monday (31/3), said the regional quarantine policy, if not decided carefully and through comprehensive considerations, would risk the spread of COVID-19 which is increasingly widespread.

“Reflecting on other countries that have ‘lockdown’ turned out to fail, so there is a huge buildup. You can imagine if one of them was exposed, how many negative citizens could be positive (COVID-19),” he said.

A number of countries that have done a “lockdown” include Italy, France, Denmark, and what has just happened namely in India with the impact of a decline in people’s welfare.

Doni who is also the Head of the National Disaster Management Agency asked all parties to follow the country’s political policies decided by President Joko Widodo. Until now the government chose to implement Large-Scale Social Restrictions.

“In the concept of disaster management, disaster resolution should not lead to new problems. So this is always calculated by involving legal experts and a government regulation to raplace law number will be issued in the near future,” he said.

“It can be ensured that the government does not follow what a number of countries have done which are also ineffective in making policies and instead have a new impact,” he added.

President Joko Widodo at the opening of the limited meeting this Monday reiterated the policy of health quarantine including regional quarantine is an authority that can only be taken by the central government, not the regional government.

“I remind the health quarantine policy including regional quarantine is the authority of the central government not the authority of regional governments,” he said.

The President called on all ministers and regional heads to have the same vision and policy as a careful calculation of the economic and social impacts of the policy to be taken.

“I hope all ministers ensure that the central government and regional governments must have the same vision, the same vision, the same policies, all must be calculated, all must be calculated both from health and social and economic impacts,” he added.

As of Monday (31/3), 1,414 people were infected with the corona virus or COVID-19 disease. A total of 122 of them died and 75 people were declared cured. [antaranews]