THE Association of the Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies (ASITA) will conduct a study to find out the changes that occur in the pattern of traveler of the archipelago and foreign tourists.

According to Rusmiati, President of ASITA, revealed that the data that will be used by ASITA in later research is customer data from ASITA members spread throughout Indonesia. Good databases for inbound, outbound, umrah or ticketing customers.

She explained the sample would be divided into two respondents, namely Indonesian and foreign tourist customers who had already been to Indonesia.

“In addition to knowing changes in traveler’s behavior after the COVID-19 pandemic, the research that will be conducted by ASITA is also to find out what types of travel tourists are interested in, and how much they are concerned about health and safety protocols,” Rusmiati noted.

She added that for foreign tourists, this study is useful to find out the purpose of their visit after the pandemic is over and whether destinations in Indonesia will remain their choice to return to visit or not. Then, research on foreign tourists was also to explore what travelers want or expect if they return to travel. [ special]