PRESIDENT Joko Widodo (Jokowi) sees a shift in public entertainment references. This is in line with new habits that will emerge after the critical period of the COVID-19 pandemic in various regions ended.

“I consider staycation and virtual tourism to be the people’s choice in the era of a new or new normal order of life. The public will look for entertainment that does not involve many people,” said the President opening a limited meeting of the new normal order in the productive and safe tourism sector COVID-19 through this yet-old video conference.

He added, entertainment references would shift to alternative vacation that not many people, such as solo travel tours, wellness tours, including virtual tourism and staycation. Staycation is not new. This content is quite popular in millennials around the last two years.

“Staycation comes from two English words namely stay and vacation. Stay can be translated as stay, while vacation means vacation,” he said.

President Jokowi explained according to the Cambridge Dictionary, defining staycation as a vacation that is done at home or near the house without going or traveling to other places. Usually hotels with comfortable interiors or which have a number of certain facilities become an option.

Quoting the page, in the United States the trend of staycation has been known since 2003. Generally, hotels, apartments and villas are favorite choices of staycation destinations. Staycation itself can be done alone, with friends, or even with family. Either to fill a holiday, spend the weekend, or celebrate something, such as a wedding anniversary and birthday.

Meanwhile the virtual tour is a simulation of a location that is displayed in a video medium or arrangement of photos. Traveling in cyberspace can also be supported by other multimedia elements, such as sound effects, music, narration, and text.

The presence of virtual reality glasses or VR is one of the supporters of the convenience of virtual tour. As is known, this lens is a technology that creates reality in cyberspace is technology, which can make users seem to be in a certain environment. [ special]