PRESIDENT Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in his limited meeting (28/5) discussed the new normal order in the tourism sector which we expect to be productive and safe in COVID-19.

According to President Jokowi, first I would like to remind that the co-pandemic will open up changes in tourism trends in the world, where the issue of health, hygiene, and safety, security will be the main consideration for tourists who want to travel.

“In addition, holiday preferences will shift to alternative vacations that not many people like solo travel tours, wellness tours, including virtual tourism and staycation. Therefore, the tourism industry and the creative economy must really anticipate changes in this trend and we must really be able to smell changes in which direction,” President Jokowi said.

He added, that is why after this pandemic we must innovate, make improvements so as to quickly adapt to changing trends that are likely to occur later in the world of global tourism.

“Secondly, because of the great issue of safety and health, the new normal order protocol in the tourism sector must really address the main issue, starting from strict health protocols on the transportation side, on the hotel side, on the restaurant side and also on the tourist areas we have and as a comparison I ask, see benchmarks in other countries that I have seen prepare this with new normal conditions in the tourism sector,” President noted.

The President said that for the third, truly a new standard must be prepared to become a new culture, new habits in the tourism sector and the need for massive socialization followed by trials, followed by simulations and also the need for commencement now for supervision to be truly implemented in health protocol standards in the field. because this is a big risk.

“Once there is a imported case and then there is a health impact, the bad image of tourism will be able to stick and it will be difficult for us to fix it again because it really has to be calculated, calculated correctly, in the field the management of supervision must be implemented,” Jokowi said.

Then, he continued, we must prepare a special strategy in the promotion of our tourism in this new normal era. I think we need to focus first on domestic tourism, domestic tourists and for that I ask to identify tourist destinations, tourist destination areas that have an R0 below one, Rt under 1 so that we can gradually open up the tourism sector but again with strict protocol control.

“I ask the Minister of Tourism & Creative Economy to prepare a COVID-19 safe domestic promotion program including intensifying the promotion of local products and tourism attractions, but once again, please help this field be followed closely before we open so that tourists both domestic and foreign can travel safely and the community can be productive primarily for tourism actors,” he concluded.

He emphasized, regarding the time when, please do not need to be in a hurry but the stages that I convey must be passed and controlled properly. [ special]