THE Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy ensures that the new normal protocol will become a reference for tourism and creative economy practitioners in conducting their business.

According to the Spokesperson of the COVID-19 Impact Management Task Force in the Tourism and Creative Economy sector, Ari Juliano Gema in his statement explained, the Tourism Ministry will ensure that the tourism & creative economy actors are ready to welcome the new normal era by implementing protocols that focus on aspects of the Clean, Healthy, Safe program.

This protocol is expected to improve hygiene, health and safety standards in the tourism sector, as well as increase digital innovation to advance Indonesia’s creative economic sectors so that they can rise up and compete in the global market.

“Specifically for the tourism sector, the application of the new normal protocol aims to keep tourists visiting calmly and comfortably because tourism facilities are now increasingly refined with verified Clean, Healthy, Safe standards,” he said.

The protocol will later become a new standard and culture in the tourism & creative economy sector. Starting from the arrival at the airport, surveillance at the main entrance of the area, reception, oversight of tourist activities, to provide health facilities for tourists.

Ari explained, this health protocol will go through several stages, starting from conducting simulations, then socializing, publication to the public, and finally conducting trials. The implementation of these stages must be monitored closely and with discipline and taking into account regional readiness.

“In the future, according to the President’s direction, each local government must still pay close attention to the conditions of R0 and Rt, or the rate of spread of COVID-19 in their regions in preparing for the opening of tourism destinations, so that the application of health protocols will be a special attraction for tourists,” he concluded. []