COVID-19 pandemic which has been affecting Indonesia since last March has hit companies engaged in communications and agencies or Public Relations (PR).

According to the General Chairperson of the Indonesian Association of Public Relations (APPRI), Jojo S Nugroho said the revenue of public relations companies under APPRI declined by 50%. If the percentage of our income goes down to 50%. So quite a lot actually the impact.

He added this decline because a number of companies that used the services of this communication consultant cut off their cooperation. I give examples of some of these companies such as from the travel sector, transportation, to retail.

“Travel, transportation, retail companies are disrupted and there are a lot of them. Even some industries such as infrastructure such as cement. Because infrastructure stops, yes they also stop. So far, Jojo is grateful that there are still ongoing projects,” Jojo said.

He explained, such as relating to Instagram, e-commerce, to the pharmaceutical industry. However, fears of losses at these service companies are quite threatening especially if the second wave of COVID-19 hits Indonesia.

On the same occasion, MCM and MPI CEO Antonny Liem said the COVID-19 condition could still provide business opportunities for the public relations service sector by looking at smaller business opportunities. Like focusing on content engagement for clients or stakeholders.

“A great opportunity now with the digital realm. So it does not only provide service for clients. But it can provide engagement content, conduct and provide surveys, and create a technology platform that can bring collaboration in certain sectors,” Liem concluded. [ special]