THE Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy encourages the Visual Communication Design (VCD) Sub Sector to build new business models through digital platforms to face the new normal era. This digital transformation is considered to be a business challenge for the world of communication design in the new normal era.

According to the Special Staff of the Minister of Digital and Creative Industries at the Ministry of Tourism, Ricky Pesik in the Virtual Talkshow Visual Communication Design Subsector (VCD) on Thursday (6/26) explained, DKV in the new normal era still had a lot of homework which became a challenge going forward.

“In terms of ecosystems, there is still a lot of homework to broadly organize ecosystems in the VCD sector. How the current business model has shifted to the digital world. At the moment, some actors have started exploring digital platforms, such as digital social media and others,” he said.

He added, but this nature is still not a business model. The new one is ready for ecommerce, and this is a challenge going forward, how can the VCD sector be able to conduct its business digitally without having to face-to-face again.

“The VCD sub-sector was significantly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic because of the decline in economic and business activities that automatically reduced communication and marketing activities which had been the main base of DKV subsector business resources,” he noted.

Ricky explained, going forward, how the creative economy law can have a big impact from the birth of government policies, especially in the design sector in general or VCD in particular. This policy can also be an instrument to help the actors in it.

“The ADGI 2020 Design Census of 1440 freelancers, employees and studio owners shows the impact of COVID-19 on a significant reduction in work from 65 to 80%. This directly results in a drastic decline in their income,” he concluded. [ special]