PEGIPEGI’S online travel agency presents a new feature called “Clean & Safe Stay” to help consumers choose hotels that have implemented high hygiene standards during the new normal phase. This feature can be used to search for hotels in the Pegipegi application that already has the “Clean & Safe Stay” label.

According to Serlina Wijaya, Pegipegi’s Chief Marketing Officer, in her official statement said COVID-19 has changed the community in their behavior, especially in terms of traveling. Cleanliness and safety are the most important factors.

“Therefore Pegipegi is committed to offering safer traveling experiences to customers through the Clean & Safe Stay feature.” Pegipegi explains four important aspects of hotels that get the label,” Serlina Wijaya said.

She added, first, a hygienic environment. Each hotel is required to check the body temperature of guests at all entry points in the area. Guests with a body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius will be advised to seek medical treatment. After obtaining medical permission, then guests are allowed into the hotel. The hotel also provides hand sanitizers in public areas and conducts regular cleaning on surfaces that are frequently touched by the public on a regular basis. In addition, the hotel also provides a mask for each guest.

“Second, about the cleanliness of the rooms. The hotel will always change towels, sheets and bathrobes for each guest and provide replacements when needed. New toiletries will be provided for each guest. In each room there is a hand sanitizer available. The room and everything in it is regularly cleaned,” she noted.

Serlina Wijaya explained, Third, trained hotel staff. Hotels that already have the label have trained all staff in implementing health protocols. Staff are taught to maintain hand hygiene, and practice the ethics of coughing and sneezing properly. All staff wear masks and gloves all the time, also keep their distance.

Fourth, restaurant and clean laundry. The hotel ensures that all kitchen and cleaning staff always implement health protocols. Kitchen utensils are also always cleaned and kept free from contamination.

“Staycation is the safest alternative to traveling in the new normal period. At this time, we see a staycation trend again increasing. To make it easier for customers who want to release fatigue after undergoing quarantine for months, we present a large-scale social restrictions program which is a hotel flash sale program with hotel discounts up to 50%. This promotion will take place every Friday at 13: 00-15: 00 during the period July 10-July 31 2020,” completed Serlina. [photo special]