TOURISM trends in the world including Indonesia after the corona virus pandemic (COVID-19) are changing. Outdoor attractions and nature tourism (adventure) are predicted to be the most popular destinations for travel after the corona pandemic ends.

According to Deputy Assistant of Regional Development Infrastructure, Deputy for Infrastructure and Transportation, the Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Djoko Hartoyo, as one of the panelists in the Central Java Webinar Tourism Forum (JTTF) with the theme of Central Java Adventure Tourism: Promotion & Marketing Strategies Facing New Normal and Post Pandemic, Thursday (6/25) said tourism is one of the sectors hardest hit by COVID-19. The implementation of physical distancing policies affects people’s traveling habits. So tourists will be careful and more avoid crowded tourist attractions.

“Outdoor attractions and nature tourism (adventure) were expected to boom soon after the corona pandemic ended. Incidentally these two districts, Magelang and Karimun Jawa, have good natural attractions,” he said.

Facing a new or normal normal era, Djoko Hartoyo predicts tourists will prefer to travel short distances or with a short travel time. Therefore the number of domestic tourists will increase. Meanwhile, young tourists or millennial travelers will travel first.

“Therefore, the national tourism industry must prepare and improve itself to welcome the changing trends in the post-COVID-19 tourism sector. Among them are implementing strict health protocols in tourist destinations,” he noted.

He explained, the industry in the tourism sector and the creative economy need to change the approach and strategy of marketing and tourism activities. Such as implementing health protocols, complying with transportation and security protocols, to improving cleanliness in tourist areas.

Facing the new normal, Djoko encouraged the actors in the tourism sector to carry out different promotion strategies. Such as offering new tour packages by highlighting local content involving the tourism community and department, selling tickets online, to improving digital infrastructure and strengthening human resources.

“In line with that, the government also plans to expand consumption stimulus for the upper middle class. Among these stimuli will be disbursed in the form of direct assistance for affected tourism workers, discounted airplane tickets to tourist destinations and hotel or restaurant tax incentives with a budget allocation of IDR3.8 billion, as well as strengthening tourism sector support such as online food vouchers with budget allocations. up to IDR25 billion. This expansion is carried out no later than in the third quarter of 2020 after the economy recovered from a pandemic,” he concluded. [ special]