ALL stakeholders in tourism and Indonesia’s creative economy must be able to collaborate and support each other in an effort to increase tourist confidence in tourism after the COVID-19 tourism.

Because, restoring tourist confidence is considered a key to success in efforts to restore the tourism sector in the country.

According to Nia Niscaya, Deputy of Marketing for the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy said that Indonesia experienced a lack of trust of destination from foreign and domestic tourists, so we must work together to increase trust in tourists.

“The decline in tourist confidence in destinations due to COVID-19 actually occurs in all countries in the world. In Indonesia, along with the handling of COVID-19 by the government, sentiments from a number of countries towards the Indonesian market have experienced positive growth from those previously in the red zone or below 0%,” she said.

Nia added, although in the period 9 to 16 June 2020 based on the Sprinkler Analytic (social listening tools) sentiments of a number of countries began to increase, but this does not necessarily make us quite satisfied. In general, their perception is still around 50%.

“To be able to re-increase tourist confidence and national tourism in general, the Tourism Ministry has drawn up the Cleanliness, Health and Safety (CHS) protocol, among others in the form of educational videos and handbooks aimed at parekraf businesses. Then do a simulation and trial implementation of the protocol while documenting as material for soft campaigns and tutorials. Also socialization/training and publication to the actors and the domestic and international community through various channels,” she noted.

She stressed, this is the issue when talking about tourists. Indonesia’s success in handling COVID-19 can be one of the assessments in the formation of nation branding. Because of this, synergy from Association of the Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies (ASITA) and representatives of market countries is needed to improve the trust of tourists.

While LBPP Ambassador to Singapore Ngurah Swajaya agreed and was ready to support the strategy prepared by the Ministry of Tourism because tourism is closely related to trust. The Embassy will support by participating in creating content related to handling COVID-19 in Indonesia and broadcasting through all media owned.

“The domestic market in Indonesia has tremendous potential but it is certainly not enough and needs to be supported by foreign tourists. So the image of tourism in Indonesia continues to be in the minds of tourists,” Ngurah said.

Likewise the Indonesian LBPP Ambassador to Laos, Pratito Soeharyo said the embassy would also encourage Indonesian diaspora, especially those in Laos to promote Indonesian tourism policy. We here also have various programs to promote Indonesian tourism in Laos. One of them encouraged the opening of direct flights from Luang Prabang to Bali.

“We also have plans for a program for Key Opinion Leaders and journalists from Laos,” Pratito concluded. []