MOUNT Bromo is one of the attractions in Probolinggo Regency, East Java, which will be opened first with the implementation of strict health protocols.

This is in accordance with the Probolinggo District Head P. Tantriana Sari’s instructions to follow up on the decision of the central COVID-19 Task Force Handling Accelerator.

At the moment we are preparing to selectively open tourist attractions in Probolinggo Regency such as Mount Bromo,” said Chief Spokesperson for the Task Force on Handling the COVID-19 Probolinggo District, Dr. Anang Budi Yoelijanto in Probolinggo.

According to him not all tourist attractions in Probolinggo Regency will be opened, the first will start from the Mount Bromo tourist area in Sukapura District and Bentar Beach in Gending District.

“We have orders from the Regent to make preparations starting from socialization, mentoring, and visitation, as well as simulations. If the simulation and the results are good, it will be opened,” he said.

According to him, also chose a number of hotels to be a monitoring point, then several restaurants will be appointed to be a trial for a new normal order. Later, all hotels will be monitored and assisted in order to implement health protocols, including other tourism actors, such as jeep owners and horses.

He explained that the Task Force Team would assist in socializing what health protocols had to be prepared in a jeep or horse, then the regulations.

“Sukapura Subdistrict, which is included in the red zone, will continue to follow the central policy that the tourist attractions of Mount Bromo will still be opened, of course, with strict monitoring of health protocols,” he said.

Previously, the Great Hall of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS) which is the tour operator of Mount Bromo is also preparing a standard procedure for implementing health protocols for tourists who will visit the mountain which has an altitude of 2,329 meters above sea level (masl).

“We are preparing a standard tourism procedure for the new community. The initial stage is directed to open tourism with a one-day travel system,” said Head of Data Evaluation and Public Relations Evaluation TNBTS Sarif Hidayat. [antaranews/photo special]