THE new normal has come and it’s time to create a new way to entertain ourselves. Java Festival Production’s latest creation entitled ‘Melomaniac’ is a series of events that will be streamed live and created to fulfil the longing for live music concerts and to continue to support the music industry amidst the pandemic.

The term “Melomaniac” has the meaning of “one with an abnormal fondness of music or a person who loves music”. For this reason, Java Festival Production hopes to spread happiness and positive energy to the public, especially for those who love music.

Melomaniac: Black American Music Edition is the first session to launch the many series to follow. It is set to be streamed live on Saturday, 4th of July 2020 at 7.30 pm Western Indonesia Time. This first session, Melomaniac: Black American Music Edition will feature songs from Marvin Gaye, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, to Whitney Houston and many more. The songs will be performed by some of Indonesia’s finest artists such as Dira Sugandi, Elfa Zulham, Sri Hanuraga, Dhani Syah, Kevin Yosua and Ayoe.

This first edition of Melomaniac will be free for anyone to enjoy the Livestream by simply login or register at

This event is supported by the U.S. Embassy Jakarta, Interindo Multimedia, Peplus Audio Indonesia, Lemmon Productions, CBN & Dens.TV, Sima Agustus dan Total Rental. []