ON JULY 7, 2020 is the 10th anniversary of PT. Dafam Hotel Management (DHM), a long journey full of challenges and tests. However, it can be passed well until now.

According to the CEO of PT. Dafam Hotel Management, Andhy Irawan MBA said this was proven by the operation of DHM in 15 cities throughout Indonesia with 22 hotels that use 4 brands, namely: 1. Grand Dafam Signature/Grand Dafam; 2. Hotel Dafam; 3. Meotel by Dafam; and 4. Dafam Express, besides that, is also still running with 10 hotel construction projects in several cities and two of them (Jakarta and Makassar) will be ready to operate in 2020.

“With the theme of “10 years, The decade of the Inspiring Hospitality”, it is expected that all DHM employees throughout Indonesia will continue to be enthusiastic in creating and innovating, because success is not the final destination but the success of the DHM version is a journey in creating and innovating that is beneficial to our beloved country, Indonesia,” he said.

He explained, the 10th anniversary of DHM was carried out simply with the essence of gratitude to God Almighty for the grace that always accompanies and protects the company’s journey up to now and forever.

“The series of activities carried out in the “DAFAM PEDULI” program involves all employees at the Semarang head office (DHM), sales office (DHM, Jakarta Sales Office) in Jakarta, and sales offices (DHM, Bali Sales Office) in Bali for Simultaneously visiting orphanages to share (basic food/money) with each city visited 10 orphanages in Semarang, 10 orphanages in Jakarta, and 10 orphanages in Bali,” Andhy noted.

But at the highlight of this anniversary, he continued, marked by cutting the cone, I handed it over to M Syafie as the caretaker of the Al-Idris Gunung Pati Orphanage, Semarang, and then the prayer together and continued with eating together with the orphanage children and followed with the same thing also and together in Jakarta and Bali. []