COVID-19 pandemic has changed behavior and activities in all fields after entering new normal. As one of the affected sectors, the hotel business is adapting and seeking solutions to meet new patterns of social interaction.

Responding to challenges while supporting the recovery of the tourism industry, PT Aplikasi Pintar Indonesia introduced Digitels, a technology-based accommodation service startup with a comprehensive digital 4.0 ecosystem.

Digitels aims to integrate a range of accommodation services with applications that are easily implemented in the desired facilities. This nation’s work is the first startup in the world that can turn an ordinary hotel into a smart hotel complete with applications (B2B & B2C).

“The key to Digitels’ excellence lies in its smart digitels brain technology which can be implemented in hotels, through systems that are connected, running and used through applications,” Tiandy founder of Digitels said in his official statement on Wednesday (7/15).

Tiandy added, Digitels will bring revolutionary changes to the hotel sector, both in terms of operational costs, service efficiency, health and safety standards, and increasing Gross Operating Profit (GOP).

With smart hotel conversion (SHC), the Digitels E-system can transform Hotels, Apartments, Condotels, Offices and Private Houses into IOT-based smart 4.0 ecosystems.

Tiandy explained, installation of this E-system is very easy and practical and the owner does not need to replace equipment, furniture or existing devices. All active immediately after connecting with digitels brain.

Digitels will help hotel owners to reduce operational costs, staff efficiency, completely replace keys/cards, save energy, time and operations. Then all of this will have an impact of increasing 10-30% in revenue. [ special]