CHANGES from services or work that was originally done manually to digital are believed to help startups to overcome challenges when the corona virus pandemic takes place.

“Startups must know their activities well, then change what services can be transformed digitally,” National ICT Council member Ashwin Sasongko said in a Katadata webinar about the challenges of startups in the pandemic.

Ashwin divides startups into two groups, first is startups whose activities are not digital, but uses digital technology as a tool.

Businesses like this for example are related to food, food production still requires physical activities, but the payment can be done digitally. Many food businesses also order online but the payment is still conventional.

The second group is companies that are digital products, such as applications or games. If the company’s business activities are non-digital, review the business immediately and find out what can be changed to digital form.

“In order to be more efficient, faster. While for those who make digital products, they must carefully look at what opportunities are developing, for example what applications are needed during this pandemic,” he said

Meanwhile the Director General of Information Applications, Ministry of Communication and Information, Semuel Pangerapan, also asked startups to seize opportunities. Dare to open up, don’t get hung up on the initial idea.

A Katadata survey of 139 startups in May-June showed that during the pandemic in May, 33 percent of startups said they were either good or very good.

Katadata compared their data on the startup conditions surveyed at the end of 2019 and in May 2020. As many as 24.5% of startups responded to normal conditions last May. As many as 42.5% startups are in bad or very bad condition. Meanwhile, at the end of 2019, only 3.6% of startups were in poor or very bad condition.

More than half, 74.8%, the startup respondents were in good or very good condition. The company which is in normal condition is 21.6%. [antaranews/photo special]