MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy states that the discipline of applying health protocols is key to the revival of the tourism sector in Indonesia.

According to the Minister of Expert for Inter-Institutional Relations of the Ministry of Tourism and Culture, Arief Budiman said this protocol needs to be implemented as an effort to protect tourists and tourists. Life, safety, health, for perpetrators and consumers are the most important things.

In addition, Arief also said that this health protocol must be applied and followed as an effort to restore public confidence in the tourism sector in Indonesia. Increased public confidence can revive the tourism sector and creative economy in the country affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Therefore, he invites and encourages tourists and tourists to adhere to and implement CHSE-based health protocols (Cleanliness, Healthy, Safety & Environmental Sustainability) in order to enter a new customary era.

Arief’s presentation was approved by a member of the House of Representatives Commission X, Ferdiansyah, who also attended this webinar. According to Ferdiansyah, health safety and safety factors are now one of the main considerations for tourists visiting tourist destinations.

“In addition to tourist attractions, the most important thing to consider for tourists is safety and health in travel. Surely environmental cleanliness and clean culture are the main things that must be available in a tourism area,” Ferdiansyah said.

Meanwhile, Alodokter’s Quality Control Medical Manager, dr. Ayu Munawaroh, said that the tourism sector has a fairly high risk of the spread of COVID-19. Therefore, tourism and creative economy actors and tourists need to implement and comply with health protocols that have been prepared by the Government.

“For the tourism industry, the risk is medium, because there must be close contact with many people and it is difficult to apply physical distancing. For that, let us obey efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by diligently washing hands with soap / hand sanitizer, wearing masks, applying cough ethics. , apply physical distancing, take care of your health, and don’t work when you are sick,” Ayu concluded. []