INDONESIAN proximity to the largest zoo in Europe, Tierpark Berlin, is increasing. Two years ago Indonesia joined inaugurating the naming of four Sumatran tiger cubs.

The Indonesian Ambassador to Germany, Arif Havas Oegroseno, was asked by the Director of Tierpark Berlin to inaugurate the opening of the Tropical Forest House in a zoo located about 13 km from the center of the Capital of the Federal Republic of Germany.

This Tropical Forest House is a rejuvenation of Alfred Brehm Haus, which is one of the most historic locations in this zoo. When it first opened on June 20, 1963, Alfred Bfrehm Haus was the largest zoo house in the world. But in accordance with the latest zoo standards, Alfred Brehm Haus needs to be renovated. The process takes about two years. As a result, a house with an area of ​​about 5,300 m2 and an open air area of ​​around 2,000 m2 has now strengthened Indonesia’s representation in this zoo.

“We are pleased, Indonesia can take part in the rejuvenation of Alfred Brehm Haus. Me and the Tierpark Director, Dr. Andreas Knieriem indeed continue to communicate. We have the same mission, preserving a variety of flora and animals, especially those from the tropics,” Ambassador Oegroseno said in his written statement.

Alfred Brehm Haus’s renovation into a tropical forest house was also supported by several sponsors. Among them, the Berlin State Ministry of Finance, Lotto Stiftung, and the Society of Zoo and Tierpark Patrons.

“We also want the public to know, the closeness of Indonesia and Germany, especially in the field of culture has been very long. One of them, Indonesian painter Raden Saleh who settled in Maxen Germany around 1839-1845. His work is admired by many art lovers in Germany. Specifically in the field of animal conservation, Indonesia and Tierpark have been collaborating on animal exchange and breeding since 1972,”  he added.

The collaboration continues. In 2013, the Indonesian Ministry of Forestry lent a pair of Sumatran tigers. On August 4, 2018, four tiger babies were born in Tierpark Berlin, which were later named Kiara, Oscar, Willi and Seri. Recently, Tierpark agreed to a memorandum of understanding with Taman Safari, Cisarua, and Batu Secret Zoo, Malang. Planned in December 2020, Cisarua Safari Park will send golden cat species. While the Secret Stone zoo will send bear species of kaskus in 2021

That adds to the collection of Indonesian animals at Alfred Brehm Haus. Currently around 75% of the animals in this tropical forest house come from Indonesia. Not only animals, a number of Indonesian plants are also seen there. For example bamboo. There are about 66 types of bamboo in Tierpark Berlin. Most of them come from Indonesia.

The thick feel of Indonesia in the Alfred Brehm tropical forest house is complemented by a number of Indonesian artworks. The Indonesian Embassy in Berlin provided a number of Indonesian statues and roofs that were part of Alfred Brehm Haus’s interior.

“Become complete. The majority of plants and animals are from Indonesia. Indonesia’s interior decoration and climate have also been engineered according to the Indonesian climate. We hope that the visitors will indeed feel the beauty and natural wealth of Indonesia, which in turn will encourage them to visit Indonesia,” Ambassador Oegroseno said. [antaranews]