MINISTRY of Maritime and Investment Coordinator (Kemenkomarves) appreciates the readiness of the Bangka-Belitung Islands Provincial Government to reactivate tourism activities to enter new customs to restore the economy of the local community.

According to the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment, Luhut B Panjaitan said I appreciate the regions that have prepared tourism reactivation by implementing the health protocol COVID-19, one of which is Bangka-Belitung. Revenue from the tourism sector this year has decreased dramatically. During May 2020 Central Bureau of Statistics recorded a decrease in the number of tourist trips fell by almost 100% compared to previous months.

“In addition, Bank Indonesia also stated that the foreign exchange for tourism fell to 97% year on year. This reduction is extraordinary, it illustrates the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism ecosystem and the creative economy,” he said.

He added, more than 180 thousand workers in the tourism sector, the creative economy, and more than 2,000 hotels had stopped operating. This has led to a decrease in demand for raw materials for production, and this has a broad impact on our economy.

According to him, Indonesia has a large domestic tourism potential with 300 million trips every year. At present, 55% of GDP in the tourism sector comes from domestic tourists. There is a change in the paradigm of traveling from mass tourism to higher quality tourism. Therefore, I request that the tourist areas implement health protocols strictly.

“This is very important and the current trend also shows that domestic tourists will visit buffer areas that have beautiful and clean nature,” Luhut finished. [antaranews]