AT present, the government calls on people to adjust to the new order of life by always complying with health protocols and remaining productive. In order to be able to move safely and comfortably, you should add a list of mandatory items that must be taken every time you do activities outside the home, especially when on vacation.

Some items must be taken when leaving the house including the main mask to wear as well as a spare mask, hand sanitizer, wet tissue, and cutlery.

For those of you who have planned a vacation during the period of adaptation to new habits, you still have to apply the applicable health protocol. Some ways are to be aware of the health condition of the body and bring some items for personal use needs.

Starter Pack for the Adaptation Period New Habits so you can move with a feeling of security, you should first know the starter pack that must be taken when leaving the house.

1. Mask
Masks become very important as the forefront of self protection from exposure to air because we never know the people around us who have been infected with the virus. For that, make sure to always use a mask when on the move outside and prepare a backup. Because the use of masks also has a limit. Medical masks or cloth masks should be replaced after about 4 hours of use.

2. Hand Sanitizer and Hand Washing Soap
Viruses can easily spread through the hands or other parts of our own body, so cleanliness must always be maintained. Washing hands with running water and soap is indeed the best way to prevent our bodies from being exposed to viruses. However, with many activities that must be undertaken, we may not be able to wash hands all the time.

Hand sanitizer, a non-rinse hand disinfecting product, is the best choice for maintaining hand hygiene. However, it takes about 70 percent alcohol content so that the hand sanitizer can work optimally to kill the virus.

3. Wet and Dry Wipes
Tissue is now one of the important items to carry anywhere. Carrying a tissue will be very useful when you want to wipe the surface of an object with disinfecting liquid that will be used in public places, such as tables, door handles or personal equipment.

4. Personal Cutlery
One thing that is often forgotten is to bring your own cutlery and drinking bottles. This aims to ensure cleanliness and avoid the use of goods together. This habit should also be applied not only at the office and at school, but also when eating on the roadside or at a restaurant.

5. Personal Worship Equipment
For Muslims who have the obligation to pray 5 times a day, this item is certainly something that needs to be taken when moving out. At present several prayer rooms in public places have also eliminated prayer facilities such as mukenas, prayer mats and general sarong for visitors in order to maintain transmission from the use of concurrent items. For that, do not forget to bring your own prayer equipment.

For those of you who have started running out of the house, of course the Starter Pack or items needed during the adaptation period of this new habit has become an important thing to carry. Now invites you to share videos or photos of starter packs during the adaptation of new habits to your Instagram story or you can click for further information. []