MINISTER of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama Kusubandio, said that the implementation of the CHSE-based health protocol is the key to success in efforts to restore national tourism.

“The key to the success of tourism so that it can immediately rebound is the implementation of the CHSE-based health protocol properly and discipline in each destination and tourism sector players,” said Wishnutama.

Wishnutama emphasized that without implementing good health protocols and high discipline it would not be easy for the Indonesian tourism sector to revive. His party has published a special guidebook related to Clean, Health, Safety & Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) based health protocols for tourism and creative economy actors in the country.

“So the key is implementing health protocols. Therefore, in an effort to improve the implementation of health protocols, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has proposed to the Ministry of Finance that Tourism Grants to regions be focused on improving the quality of implementing CHSE-based health protocols in tourism destinations, “he said.

He added that the Ministry of Tourism has proposed to the Ministry of Finance that the Tourism Grant of IDR3.3 trillion to the regions is focused on the implementation of the CHSE protocol in various tourism destinations.

President Joko Widodo previously warned that the COVID-19 pandemic would open a change in tourism trends in the world. Where the issues of health and hygiene as well as safety and security will be the main consideration for tourists.

“The President asked that after this pandemic we have to make innovations, improvements so that they can quickly adapt to changing trends that are likely to occur in the world of global tourism. Second, the main issue is safety and health, so the new normal order protocol in the tourism sector is really true.

“We really have to answer the main issue. Starting from strict health protocols on the transportation side, the hotel side, the restaurant side, and also in the tourist areas that we have,” Wishnutama finished. []