THE Indonesian government raised the targeted state spending for 2021 by IDR2.5 trillion to IDR2,750 trillion, from the government-outlined target of IDR2,747.5 trillion in the draft 2021 state budget.’

According to Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati stated as we see it now, energy subsidy increased by IDR2.4 trillion and revenue sharing fund fell by IDR0.8 trillion. The spending hike arose from additional energy subsidy for three-kilogram liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) canisters, totaling IDR2.4 trillion, and a decline in revenue-sharing fund worth IDR0.8 trillion as a result of a change in state revenues’

“This is due to the additional volume of seven million to 7.5 million metric tons. The central government’s spending rose IDR3.3 trillion to IDR1,954.5 trillion, from Rp1,951.3 trillion earlier in the draft 2021 state budget,” she remarked.

The central government’s spending comprises spending of ministries and institutions reaching IDR1,029.9 trillion and non-ministerial government institutions’ spending amounting to IDR924.7 trillion. The non-ministerial government institutions’ spending represents a IDR3.3-trillion increase, from IDR921.4 trillion earlier.

The amount of funds transferred to regions and village funds (TKDD) fell IDR0.8 trillion to IDR795.5 trillion, from IDR796.3 trillion earlier in the draft 2021 state budget.

The shortfall results from a decline in the amount of funds transferred to regions, from IDR724.3 trillion to IDR723.5 trillion, while the amount of village funds remains unchanged at IDR72 trillion. [antaranews/photo special]