THE Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy appreciates the implementation of the Virtual Festival Indonesia Perth 2020 which is held online in encouraging the strengthening of the image and promotion of Indonesian tourism abroad, especially Australia.

The event was initiated by the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Perth, Australia, together with Kreasi Indonesia Inc. (Indonesian society in Western Australia) at the same time proves that the COVID-19 pandemic does not limit Indonesians from continuing to innovate and work. The Virtual Festival Indonesia Perth 2020 carries the theme “Strive Together”.

According to the Deputy for Marketing of the Ministry of Tourism, Nia Niscaya, said that this event proved that Indonesians, especially those living in Perth, Australia, can innovate and utilize technology to introduce the traditions and culture of the country to the world.

“Thanks to technological developments and limitless creativity, this festival is a marker, a unique example of our diplomacy during a pandemic,” said Nia.

Nia said the COVID-19 pandemic that occurred around the world had a significant impact on various sectors of the economy, especially in the tourism sector and the creative economy. However, in the midst of this uncertainty, the implementation of the Virtual Festival Indonesia Perth 2020 seems to prove that the Indonesian people have high creativity and innovation to get through the COVID-19 pandemic and restore the tourism sector and the creative economy.

“This event echoes Indonesia’s traditional values ​​which are optimistic and agile in dealing with uncertainty through togetherness and mutual cooperation and unlimited creativity. I am sure that this event can promote the diverse cultural values ​​of Indonesia and the amazing tourist locations in Indonesia,” she noted.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Consul General for Perth, Dewi Gustina Tobing, delivered the event

The 2020 Indonesia Festival is intended to continue to refresh the audience’s memory of the beauty of Indonesia as a tourism destination. So that once the travel restrictions in this pandemic era have ended, the flow of foreign tourists is expected to return to normal.

In addition, Dewi said that this event was expected to promote the potential of Indonesian tourism to international audiences, especially to the public in Western Australia. According to Dewi, every year there are 400 thousand tourists from Western Australia who come to visit various tourist destinations in Indonesia, especially Bali.

“For the people of Western Australia, Indonesia is the most popular tourist destination. Apart from being geographically close, Indonesia offers natural and cultural beauty as well as Indonesian culinary delights that are irreplaceable for tourists from Western Australia and Australia in general,” she affirmed.

She added, however, that this figure could not be achieved in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic that has hit the entire world. Through this event we will present the beauty of Indonesian culture in a virtual way, enjoy the beauty of Indonesia and make plans to travel to Indonesia.

At the same time, the Indonesian Ambassador to Australia, Yohanes Kristiarto Soeryo Legowo, hopes that this event can revive the spirit of the Indonesian people, especially for the Indonesian diaspora who live in Perth, and we can raise the spirit to fight and survive through this difficult time.

In 2019, the Perth Indonesia Festival was held for three consecutive days at Elizabeth Quay on 25-27 October 2019 and became one of the biggest cultural events in the city of Perth. The 2019 Indonesian Festival managed to attract up to 13,500 visitors and generated total transactions from all exhibitors of more than 150,000 Australian dollars (around IDR1.5 billion). [ special]