THE application of online registration for prospective tourists visiting Labuan Bajo, especially the Komodo National Park, is not only closely related to carrying capacity in realizing the concept of premium destination management, but also part of implementing a good security and safety system.

It is intended that the preservation of the Komodo National Park is maintained as a national conservation area without losing the opportunity for tourists to continue to visit with a sense of security and comfort so that they really get a quality tourism experience.

According to spokesperson for the Komodo National Park, Muhammad Iqbal Putera, said that Komodo National Park as a world-class ecotourism destination is closely related to carrying capacity. Moreover, ecotourism is not mass tourism so that the number of tourists visiting needs to be regulated or not in large numbers at one time.

“One of the ways is by implementing this online registration system. And this system is very closely related to the current state of COVID-19 so that health monitoring and supervision of tourists can be carried out through online registration. So it is not only beneficial for the ecosystem, but also the safety of officers and officers. related stakeholders,” Iqbal said.

He added, the online registration system has so far been implemented in Komodo National Park since September 2019 in two locations, namely Batu Bolong and Karang Makassar, then it continues to develop until now to be implemented in seven tourist points in Komodo National Park.

Based on a study conducted in 2018, the carrying capacity of a number of locations in Komodo National Park that is included in the green zone (designated for tourism) is determined to be Loh Liang with a maximum of 250 people, Loh Buaya 150 people, and Padar Island 60 people. Meanwhile, for the locations of Karang Makassar waters, 32 ships, Batu Bolong 8 ships, Siaba Besar and Mawan Island 20 ships per day.

“But the study needs to be updated every two years. And because that figure is based on a study in 2018, a new study will be made to get a new figure,” Iqbal noted.

Currently, along with the refinement process, registration can still be done online and offline. If prospective tourists already have sufficient data requirements, it is advisable to register online which can be facilitated by travel agents or tour operators in West Manggarai.

“The ideal application of online registration will be carried out when all parties are familiar with this system. Hopefully it can be done immediately because our concern is to increase the return of tourist visits from abroad and before that happens we must be prepared internally first. And this is the way to do it,” Iqbal added.

Meanwhile, the Head of the West Manggarai Tourism and Culture Office, Agustinus Rinus, on the same occasion explained that this online registration system is also an effort to increase the capacity of travel agencies in West Manggarai. So far, there are still many travel agents from outside West Manggarai who benefit from Labuan Bajo tourism but do not contribute to the region.

Based on 2019 data, tourist visits to Labuan Bajo reached 187,128 with 55.9% of them foreign tourists. This figure is an increase of 875% from 2010 with an average length of stay of 6.9 days and a total expenditure of US$978.

“The contribution of tourism to PAD Manggarai Barat in 2019 reached IDR40.605 billion, an increase of 2,674% from IDR2.37 billion in 2010. Prospective tourists can register with travel agents or tour operators who must be registered in West Manggarai. The list can be seen on the website:,” he concluded. []