ISOLATION hotel facilities for confirmed patients without symptoms and health workers provided by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy through the Hospitality Industry Reactivation program are starting to be used in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Wishnutama Kusubandio, said Tourism Ministry together with the Ministry of Health are intensively preparing an isolation location for patients with confirmed cases without symptoms, so as not to carry out independent isolation in order to avoid transmission in the family environment and the surrounding environment. This program also provides support for the provision of accommodation services for health workers.

“Along with the ongoing process, starting September 26, 2020 the Hotel Industry Reactivation program through Supporting Community Accommodation with Confirmed Symptoms and Health Workers has started at the Ibis Styles Mangga Dua Square Hotel and U Stay Hotel Mangga Besar,” Wishnutama said.

In this program, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy ensures that the hotel industry is ready to carry out health protocols and disinfection protocols in hotel property areas in accordance with Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 & Health Protocols for Communities in Public Places and Facilities in the Context of Corona Virus Disease 2019 Prevention and Control. Ministry of Health and the Security Team from the Army Forces are also prepared to guard 24 hours at the related hotels.

“As of September 28, 2020, the number of patients who have been at the Hotel Ibis Styles Mangga Dua Square is 119 people, while at U Stay Hotel Mangga Besar there are 94 people,” Wishnutama said.

For the implementation of this program, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy prepares a budget of IDR100 billion by December 2020 to support accommodation services in the form of rooms and meals three times a day.

Meanwhile, Head of Sub-Directorate for Health Quarantine, Directorate General of Disease Prevention and Control (P2P) Ministry of Health, dr. Benget Saragih, explained that the Ministry of Health has provided recommendations for hotels that have passed the verification and meet the requirements. These hotels are scattered in the DKI Jakarta area.

“The team from the Directorate General of P2P of the Ministry of Health has verified the hotels that will be used as isolation places for confirmed cases of COVID-19 without symptoms or mild symptoms in accordance with applicable health protocols. From the list of 30 hotels in the DKI Jakarta area that have been recommended by the Indonesian Hotel and Restaurant Association (PHRI), there are 17 hotels that have met the requirements,” dr. Benget noted.

The requirements for hotels that meet the criteria in accordance with the guidelines for handling COVID-19 are to have a patient reception room to do triage; there is a team that has been trained in disinfection; available mini hospital; have standard protective equipment for hotel staff; food and drinks delivered to the front of the patient’s room by officers; as well as available evacuation routes if there are patients whose condition worsens.

In addition, accommodation is also available for health and security workers; a temporary storage area for medical and infectious waste is available before being transported to a special medical waste treatment facility; and hotel staff must be healthy, have no comorbidities, and have carried out a PCR examination with a negative COVID-19 result.

Likewise, the Deputy for Marketing of Tourism Ministry, Nia Niscaya said while continuing to see developments in the field, in the future Tourism Ministry will add more new accommodation locations for people with confirmed asymptomatic patients by referring to the list of 17 hotels that have been verified by the Ministry of Health.

“For people with the status of asymptomatic confirmation patients who want to take advantage of the isolation facilitation, they can first contact the hotline that has been provided in each hotel,” Nia Niscaya stressed.

In utilizing the isolation facility, the asymptomatic confirmation patient must bring a recommendation letter from the Public health center or agency doctor or family doctor, and the PCR/SWAB test result that states positive for COVID-19 and the requirements for a Personal Data scan. Once approved, patients can carry out isolation according to the stipulated conditions. []