MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy encourages the use of attractively packaged animated content to optimize regional tourism potential. This is also an effort to increase the tourist attraction of the region.

According to Director of Strategic Studies at the Tourism Ministry, Wawan Russiawan said that to package animated content aimed at developing regional tourism potential requires a careful look at the opportunities that exist.

“Animation in Indonesia has the potential to be developed. For this reason, both the government and creative business actors must work together to create harmonization in order to see various opportunities. So, in the future these opportunities can be implemented,” Wawan said.

The Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy which accommodates tourism and creative economy entrepreneurs to be able to discuss various kinds of opportunities and share understanding and knowledge regarding how to package good and attractive animated content in increasing regional tourism potential.

Meanwhile, Si Juki creator and script writer, Faza Ibnu, said pop culture, especially animation, can have an impact on tourism in a country or region. Like in Japan, which has a mascot for each region.

The functions of this mascot are very diverse, including as an instrument for conveying information from the government, socializing programs, as well as characters that can be used as souvenirs or special merchandise which are expected to increase the creative economy in the area.

“Through the development of this mascot, tourism and creative economy actors in each region can take advantage of these characters as business opportunities,” Faza Ibnu noted.

One of the most successful mascots in Japan is Kumamon. In just two years, Kumamon has generated US$1.2 billion in economic benefits for its region, including tourism and product sales, as well as US$90 million in publicity. According to a Bank of Japan study, Kumamon merchandise sales reached 29.3 billion yen in 2012.

“From the case study, there are several opportunities that can be implemented in increasing regional tourism in Indonesia, including branding regional tourism using national animated characters. Then, local governments can collaborate with local creators, and local governments initiate mascots in each tourist area,” Faza added.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Indonesian Animation Industry Association, Daryl Wilson, said there must be supporting regulations related to animated content, such as the local government supporting free use of character brands for local local entrepreneurs and limiting the use of character brands by foreign companies with strict rights and obligations. and clear.

“Apart from that, the local government also provides marketing facilities that are strategically located at low cost and even free for local entrepreneurs who later use this character brand,” said Daryl.

Daryl also explained that there are many potential areas in Indonesia that can be used as animated content, ranging from cultural heritage, national heroes, historical events, folklore, traditional ceremonies, to traditional clothing.

“If we can manage or curate together, then formulate a strategy in packaging and creating animated content, there will be many benefits that can be obtained by regional tourism. This is not only related to promoting destinations but can promote Indonesian local culture. So, this animated content becomes one of the most effective strategies to increase the potential of regional tourism if it is well optimized,” Daryl concluded. [ special]