ON the first day of the reintroduction of the transitional large-scale social restrictions (PSBB) in Jakarta, many sectors began to readjust to open their access and services, including the entertainment sector such as film and music.

Indonesia’s Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy has launched the latest guidelines for musicians, promoters, and people who long to feel the sensation of concerts in the midst of the pandemic safely and comfortably, including applying 3M’s behavior, namely wearing masks, diligently washing their hands and always keeping their distance.

“Tourism Ministry makes technical guidelines for the music sector, on how to organize music events during a pandemic. There are general and specific guidelines for this,” said the Expert Staff of the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Ari Juliano Gema, through an online discussion recently.

There are general guidelines regarding health protocols, namely wearing masks, washing hands regularly, and maintaining distance. Meanwhile, for special guidance on music performances, Ari said there are several things that need to be considered by related parties.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy calls on all musicians, crews and stage crews involved to have carried out a rapid test or swab test with negative results, accompanied by a statement of the validity of the test results from the authorized agency.

“Try to make each performer use personal instruments that have been disinfected and not alternately with other performers,” said Ari.

Furthermore, not inviting the audience to get involved on stage, and striving to have press conferences and fan meetings conducted online. Performers have the exception of not wearing masks only when on stage. But still take other preventive steps, such as maintaining distance, using face shields, partitions, and other innovations that can improve the protection of yourself and those around you.

For queues, it is recommended to provide additional lines after ticket checks to check the audience’s body temperature, and arrange queues for entering and exiting the concert area. Create barricades to keep the distance from the audience to the stage and between fellow spectators, and arrange vehicle traffic in the concert area so that it is controlled and there is no crowd.

Furthermore, Ari explained, for music performances such as a homeband in a café that will be opened with a capacity of 50%, he advised visitors not to move from their seats during the music event. There are suggestions for using digital technology to collect song requests from the audience. []