THE Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy invites actors in the film and performing arts industry to discuss ideas and create new opportunities and strategies that can be implemented in the new normal era.

According to the Director of Strategic Studies at the Ministry of Tourism, Wawan Russiawan, said that to make a film or performing arts in this new normal era requires accuracy in seeing the various opportunities that exist. So, these opportunities can produce creative strategies that are appropriate to the current situation.

“Therefore, the Ministry of Tourism initiated an Inclusive Talk Around MetadatA (BISMA) activity so that film industry players can discuss various opportunities and understandings so that they can remain productive in producing works in the new normal era,” Wawan said.

Wawan hopes that through this activity, creative economy business actors, especially the film industry, will gain new insights and motivation to rise up while creating new creative ideas.

Meanwhile, Go-Play’s Chief Strategy Officer, Martinus Faisal, said that the COVID-19 pandemic, which requires people to do more activities at home, has had a positive impact on the world of online entertainment. Because today’s consumer behavior is looking for entertainment online. This can be seen from the increase in engagement up to 10 times on the Go-Play application.

“During this pandemic, consumers mostly seek light content such as comedy or drama content. In addition, consumers also watch films that have a long duration, compared to bite sized content like before the pandemic,” Martinus noted.

Martinus believes this shows a good opportunity for film industry players to take advantage of digital platforms in developing and producing original film content in the new normal era.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Theater Producer and Actress, Happy Salma, said that this pandemic has greatly affected the film and performing arts industry in Indonesia. Not a few actors in film arts have lost their jobs.

“However, as creative workers we must be able to think creatively. This pandemic provides an opportunity for friends in the film industry to remain productive and produce great works with all the limitations that exist,” Happy Salma added.

Happy Salma believes that in the midst of this pandemic, film industry players can carry out various interesting activities that have never been done before. During the pandemic, Happy Salma created an online theater which is a new concept that suits current conditions. This idea just emerged, because seeing the current situation it is not possible to hold a live theater,” Happy Salma said.

For that, Happy Salma advised that creative workers must have sensitivity in seeing various positive opportunities in the new normal era. []