INDONESIAN Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy emphasizes the importance of tourism players in Indonesia to complement micro data related to their business so that government programs can more effectively reach them.

According to the Deputy for Industry and Investment at Tourism Minsitry, Fadjar Hutomo, the Ministry is determined to support tourism businesses and the creative economy to develop in the era of adapting to new habits. We have also designed various programs to be applied to tourism & creative economy players.

“Tourism Minsitry has also needs the support of micro data including the completeness of data on accurate tourism & creative economy players in the field as a basis for designing policies as well as targets in implementing programs,” he said.

Fadjar gave an example, the completeness of data for members who are members of the tourism association will enable the implementation of the program to run according to the target. This includes training programs, government assistance in the form of stimuli and other forms of assistance, to providing incentives.

A number of programs currently being developed to support the business of tourism & creative economy players in the midst of a pandemic include assistance and stimulus such as free Cleanliness, Health, Safety and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) certification, distribution of tourism grants, and direct cash assistance to tourism and creative economy players. All of these programs are efforts made by the government to ensure that business people can survive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

That, according to him, encourages the need for complete data accuracy, especially from the association that covers tourism and creative economy players, so that government programs and assistance can be implemented according to targets.

“We hope that the tourism association will encourage its members to submit accurate data. Some of the features that are emphasized are very important, including Social Security Admistrator for Health (BPJS) data for tourism association members. The reason is, there are several programs and assistance that are distributed based on data from BPJS formal workers in the tourism sector and the creative economy,” he noted.

On the same occasion, the Minister’s Expert Staff for Bureaucratic Reform and Regulation of Tourism Ministry, Ari Juliano Gema added, to maintain the resilience of tourism and creative economy players from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there needs to be a distribution of aid and stimulus that is clear and on target.

“In order for assistance and programs to be on target in the future, there needs to be collaboration between the central government, local governments, and tourism associations,” Ari Juliano concluded. [ special]