DOMESTIC flights that provide a sense of safety, comfort and good service are expected to develop tourism destinations in every corner, both to super priority destinations and other destinations.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno recently in his press release said that currently airlines are important and fundamental in encouraging tourism and the creative economy in Indonesia.

“We see that this industry [aviation] encourages the progress of the local economy in the targeted tourism destinations. Both from destinations that have developed first and from new destinations. Meanwhile, regarding the operation of the sea plane to access several outermost and exotic islands to increase tourist visits and the importance of affordable flight costs for the community,” he said.

He explained, the second point that I want to convey is that we must raise the tourism sector and the creative economy because more than 30 million people depend on this sector for their livelihoods.

“I hope that domestic flights can bring a sense of security, comfort and good service, so that they can develop tourism destinations in every remote area, both to the 5 Super Priority destinations and other destinations,” Sandiaga noted.

Sandiaga stated that I am grateful for INACA’s contribution in the Safe Travel Campaign and also for the many INACA programs that have been collaborated and executed well, such as increasing the Level of Safety by still referring to the health protocol rules. And we also need to continue the Safe Travel Campaign program massively and continuously, as well as others that are also very relevant to current conditions.

The COVID-19 pandemic, he continued, provided a lesson that dealing with big problems requires big thinking. So colossal, cross-sectoral and cross-institutional collaboration is needed. [ special]