MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy asked the public to follow the government’s advice not to go home during this year’s Eid holiday momentum to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Sandiaga Uno, in “Weekly Press Briefing”, Monday (29/3) afternoon, said about homecoming, Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy will fully support the government’s decision to ban homecoming in 2021. The government will take the ban on homecoming. to prevent the spread of COVID-19 amid large community movements at the same time.

“Although on the other hand, I admits that the Eid holiday has been awaited by tourism industry players and the creative economy to gain opportunities. The community could still support the tourism and  creative economy sector by choosing destinations around (local) by paying attention to the implementation of strict and disciplined health protocols,” he said,

He explained, the government asked business players to remain optimistic in the midst of the government’s efforts to accelerate the implementation of vaccinations in order to create herd immunity so that the tourism and the creative economy sector could truly recover.

“People can choose destinations that personalize, customize, localize by implementing disciplined health protocols. Wearing masks, maintaining distance, and washing hands with soap (3M) and testing, tracing, treatment (3T) are all done consistently. Likewise with the creative economy, people can consume the products of the country’s creative economy by maximizing the digital platform, which is currently increasingly becoming more common. Many Indonesian creative economy players are turning to digital platforms,” Sandiaga said.

He explained that in terms of the creative economy, there will be adaptations. Because it cannot be directly face-to-face with the family, it can be sent with creative economy products that are sent by maximizing the digital platform. (So ​​that) creative economy players can still get positive benefits. Tourism Ministry will run programs that can help the industry.

“As soon as the homecoming ban was issued, I asked some of my ranks to coordinate with parties who currently need to touch (questions) what is needed,” he said.

Bomb Terror
On that occasion, Sandiaga also expressed his deep sorrow and concern for the victims of the terror bombing in Makassar a few days ago. He strongly condemned the incident and called acts of terrorism a crime against humanity. Terrorism has nothing to do with the teachings of any religion.

“We invite the public to remain calm, do not panic, and submit (the solution) to the authorities to thoroughly investigate the case and expose the terror network to the root,” Sandiaga noted.

He appreciated the police’s quick movement in handling this case, through the identification and arrest of several people who were suspected of being involved in the case. He said this would accelerate recovery and a sense of security and trust in society.

Sandiaga said that Tourism Ministry is identifying the impact of this incident on the tourism sector and inviting all members of society, especially in tourist destinations, to jointly fight terrorism and radicalism that are against religious values.

“However, this incident is a hard blow and a test for the solidity of the Indonesian nation. We must continue to move together to minimize this incident so that this incident does not have an impact on the decline in Indonesia’s tourism competitiveness index. We will coordinate with related parties including the security forces, to increase the sense of security for the tourists,” he finished. []