THE name of the artist from Bali I Nyoman Nuarta has been in the spotlight in recent days. The reason is, it is rumored that I Nyoman Nuarta won the design competition for the State Capital City Palace (IKN) design. The design of the Garuda bird at the State Palace in the Indonesia’s New Capital went viral on social media.

Many parties criticized Nyoman Nuarta’s work because it was 180 degrees different from the architect’s design that won the IKN competition last year. The architects’ association also rejected the idea because buildings that were symbolic of the state could not be built by sculptors.

Nyoman Nuarta also spoke up regarding the pros and cons of his design of the State Palace. According to him, the design of the State Palace with the Garuda bird was completed in only 12 days.

Nuarta’s involvement in the competition for the state palace in the new capital resulted in the Ministry of Public Works and Housing inviting him along with 20 other architects. However, only five people were present to attend the Competition Preparation Coordination Meeting in the Central Core Area of ​​the Government of the IKN. Then, the five architects were given 12 days to complete the 12 IKN designs such as palaces, DPR buildings, Ministry offices, places of worship and other buildings. Then it was presented again in the form of a short video.

“During the presentation, I saw that the other participants were not finished, only my pre-design was completed and most ready. Long story short after the presentation was complete, there was no news about the design of the country’s capital city from the government. Then, when the announcement arrived, Nuarta was very I was surprised because he was crowned a winner and within the next month we were asked to make a pre-design,” he said.

He explained, my design was chosen by the President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) directly, there was no element of my asking myself, so I wonder why there are still people who are angry with me, “he added.

The concept in the design is different from the Bogor Palace and the Merdeka Palace with colonial architecture. He chose to convey a more authentic Indonesian impression and chose the eagle because it was a symbol of the country. The motto written on the ribbon that is gripped by Garuda’s toes is Bhineka Tunggal Ika.

“So the State Palace of the New Capital will become a symbol of unifying the nation. When we mention the name Garuda, it is a big house (palace) for brotherhood, unity and harmony in living together,” Nuarta concluded. [antaranews]