MINISTRY of Tourism and Creative Economy will formulate a travel map or travel pattern for tourists to improve the quality of tourism, both for tourists and for the industry. Including in the Joglosemar area (Jogja, Solo, Semarang) with Borobudur Temple as the main magnet or attraction.

According to the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy during his working visit to Central Java, on a visit to the Saloka Theme Park, recently said that on that occasion I had a discussion with a number of tourism and creative economy business actors (parekraf) related to the development of tourism & creative economy in the future. .

“Not only listening directly to complaints from the tourism and creative economy community, but also I want to encourage, spread motivation. We have prepared options to get up and recover,” Sandiaga said.

These options include government assistance programs such as expanding tourism grants to adaptations such as innovations in the field of application. Currently the government is said to be developing an application that can help ensure restrictions on the crowd of visitors at one destination so that the implementation of strict and disciplined health protocols can be maintained.

“Finally, how can we integrate tourism villages into a number of recreational areas managed by the private sector, in collaboration with communities, communities and local governments as well,” he noted.

Regarding integrated tourism villages to other destinations, the Sandiaga Uno emphasized the importance of travel patterns. It is also currently being developed by the Ministry of Tourism.

Travel maps can not only provide more experience for tourists and realize quality and sustainable tourism, but also in accordance with future tourism segmentations that are more personalize, customize, localize and smaller in size.

Personalized where tourists will be more personal tourism or only in the family circle. Then customize where the traveler will travel with special interests such as nature-based tourism.

Localize, namely tourists will prefer a destination that is not too far away or a maximum of 250 km between destinations. Meanwhile, smaller in size is tourism with the number of visitors in each tourist destination that is not too massive.

“When I landed in Semarang and headed for the tourist village of Lerep. The pattern is that if I move south I will stay in the southern area of ​​Semarang Regency, or in the North of Magelang Regency. For this reason, our ability to innovate is to create a varied and varied Joglosemar travel pattern. can give an experience of its own. Borobudur is a magnet, but Joglosemar is the pattern,” Sandiaga added.

The preparation of this travel pattern is an innovation in developing tourism to be of higher quality. The number of days will increase and the quality of the tourism and tourist expenditures will be better in the future.

“There are several areas where we can develop a travel pattern, such as in East Java which has a tourist magnet for Bromo Tengger Semeru (BTS), but the travel map prior to BTS can go to Malang, Banyuwangi and Surabaya that we are developing because it is a trend new era tourism,” he said.

He explained that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is required to adapt and have new perspectives to prepare options for resurrection and to recover, such as innovations in the field of application to ensure tourism activities are not crowded and the number of visitor capacities is met.

“How to integrate tourism villages into destinations that are now managed by the private sector in collaboration with the community and government. Like earlier in the tourist village of Sidomukti, Kampung Kopi Banaran, Svarga Bumi,” Sandiaga concluded. []