THE international hotel chain Accor is committed to absorbing Central Java small and medium enterprises (SMEs) worth IDR1.5 billion. This effort is an effort to restore the economy of SMEs in the midst of the unfinished COVID-19 pandemic.

The signing of the commitment was witnessed by the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, at the Novotel Semarang Hotel, Monday (5/4). Also present were the Head of Sub-Directorate for Marketing at the Directorate General of Plantation of the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture, Normansyah, and Senior Vice President for Operations and Government Relations for Accor Indonesia and Malaysia Adi Satria.

Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo appreciated the Accor Group’s steps to absorb Central Java SME products. According to him, this is a real step to revive the people’s economy.

“We put our SME products together, we put them in the hotel. Here there is a place for coffee (local Central Java), the SMEs corner and a mini bar, so that guests can taste our local products. But the quality must also be good, otherwise it will not pass. the government has a role in teaching, we are involved,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of the Central Java Province Cooperatives and SME Service Office, Ema Rahmawati, said there were 43 SMEs whose products would be absorbed by the Accor Group network. Total dealing for four hotels for Central Java SMEs is worth IDR 1,561,506,500, God willing, the cooperation period is two years, hopefully it will be extended. That does not include the collaboration between Grand Mercure Surabaya City and Bengok Craft.

Ema said, there are four Accor chain hotels that have committed to absorb Central Java SME products. The products that are absorbed include bedroom fixtures, furniture, and snacks. Regarding quality control, the Cooperative Office is committed to conducting training and standardization. This was done, so that Central Java SME products could penetrate international hotel chains.

“So, for example, fried shallots, which are less yellow in color, are not up to standard, we fix them. Curation is one key,” she explained.

Likewise, Senior Vice President Operations and Government Relations, Accor Indonesia and Malaysia Adi Satria said that this step was a real effort to contribute to the recovery of the national economy. We are enthusiastic to be actively involved starting from the process of curating MSME products, then promoting and utilizing these products wherever Accor hotels are located, in various destinations in Indonesia.

Adi added, besides that, support for MSMEs was provided by Accor hotels in Indonesia through a program called Rediscover Indonesia. The program is presented at more than 130 Accor hotels in 30 destinations in Indonesia.

According to him, the program offers a stay experience while exploring unique arts and culture in Indonesia as well as enjoying iconic local experiences with curated products from MSME players. Rediscover Indonesia allows guests to appreciate and love nature, culture and customs through four pillars, namely culinary, arts and culture, freshness and health, and destinations.

Separately, the CEO of Accor Southeast Asia, Japan, South Korea, Garth Simmons, expressed his pride and honor to be able to continue the group’s commitment to continue supporting the Indonesian Government. Through these efforts, it is hoped that they can develop MSME players, and contribute to the success of the national movement of Proud to be Made in Indonesia. []