CITILINK provides free rapid test services to its passengers. The new free rapid test service if you buy tickets through the site and mobile apps Citilink.

Quoted from the official website of Citilink, as for airplane tickets booked with Date of Issued (DOI) as of 1-7 July 2020, and Date of Travel (DOT) flight schedules as of 2-31 July 2020. In addition, this service is intended The first 500 ticket buyers will receive an E-Ticket containing a Unique Number as proof of service claim.

Citilink also explained, for passengers who get COVID-19 rapid test service for free, but do not use it, it will automatically be forfeited. This service is also not exchangeable for money and cannot be refunded.

Following are the terms and conditions to get a free rapid test from Citilink. Purchase airplane tickets through the official Citilink website and Citilink mobile apps. Valid for DOI flight ticket reservations from July 1-7 2020 and DOT flight schedules as of July 2-31, 2020.

For the first 500 people will get a rapid test service for free and receive an E-Ticket for proof of service claim. For passengers who get a free rapid test but do not use it, the service will automatically expire The free rapid test service cannot be cashed and refunded. To claim a free rapid test service, passengers can directly go to the selected clinic in accordance with the list of Citilink Clinic Partners and Smart Clinic.

Passengers can register first before visiting the nearest Clinic Partner by using the link Passengers must visit Mitra Clinic a maximum of 12 hours before the scheduled departure. The letter of rapid test results is only valid for a maximum of 14 days as stated in the Circular Letter (SE) of the COVID-19 Task Force Carrying E-Ticket and Identity Card to claim the free rapid test service.

Rapid test results can be known within 10 minutes after the inspection. If the results are non-reactive, the passenger will receive the results of the inspection and get the required health certificate as one of the mandatory conditions for using air transportation.

If the results are reactive, passengers are directed to the referral hospital for further inspection. Citilink has the right to change terms and conditions at any time without prior notice Citilink is not responsible for the expiration of the results of rapid tests in the event of a change in schedule or flight cancellation.

Examination of rapid test services is currently not available in the airport area. More information about claims and clinical listings can be accessed via the link [sources/special photo]