ENTERING the era of a new or normal normal order, the government still applies various requirements for people who want to travel with airlines. From the free COVID-19 statement to the entry and exit permit (SIKM) applied by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, is still a mandatory requirement for prospective passengers.

According to Lion Air Group’s Corporate Communications Strategic, Danang Mandala Prihantoro, in his written statement stated all passengers flying with Lion Air, Wings Air and Batik Air were certain to have and carry out the requirements given by the government.

“In every operational that has been running before and during the COVID-19 pandemic alert, every passenger who is declared airworthy and can enter the aircraft cabin for air travel,” Danang said.

He added, all airline passengers under the auspices of the Lion Groups logging airline had gone through three checks. First, the requirements of the COVID-19 health test document by the Port Health Office, Then, the first security check (security check point 1) by the airport security aviation security officer, Finally, the second security check (security check point 2) by the officer aviation security airport manager.

“If there are passengers who have problems or who violate and do not meet the provisions, then it is not a mistake or intentionality of the airlines. Therefore, we ask all prospective passengers to provide detailed information at the time of checking and verification,” Danang noted.

He explained, Lion Air Group required prospective passengers to comply with Lion Air Group’s flight regulations, as was the health protocol during the COVID-19 pandemic alert period. [photo special]