BALI ISLAND needs to make innovations and strategies in the tourism sector in the midst of a policy to prohibit going home during the Lebaran or Idul Fitri holidays.

Deputy Director of Bank Indonesia Representative Office for Bali Province, M. Setyawan Santoso, assessed that the policy of restricting human trafficking (homecoming banned) will not kill tourism in Indonesia, as long as it implements the right strategy. Bali, for example, must change the strategy of tourists who previously relied on residents outside Bali to become local people.

“Balinese people who usually travel outside Bali are now traveling in Bali alone. There are still many tourist areas in Bali that have not been visited by Balinese themselves,” he said as quoted from a written statement, Friday (7/5).

M. Setyawan detailed a number of strategies that Bali could implement to survive the restrictions on community activities during Idul Fitri. First, invite local tourists to stay in Bali. Like people in big cities, Balinese people also need a vacation. For Balinese, this need can be resolved by means of a staycation, which is to enjoy lodging/villas in a cool mountain or beach on the island of Bali by private vehicles.

“Therefore, the lodging marketing strategy should be directed at local tourists which can be done through online media, social media or by installing billboards in the center of the city,” he said.

He explained, secondly, postponing the time to stay after the Eid holiday. The implementation of the Minister of Transportation’s regulation 13 of 2021 has resulted in most reservations for the Lebaran holiday being canceled. The innkeeper can prevent a canceled from being delayed by giving a special rate or other incentives, for example sending a special souvenir that makes potential tourists miss coming to Bali.

“Moreover, the company will definitely one day give leave to its employees considering that currently the Idul Fitri holiday is being removed by the government. Third, serving meal packages at the restaurant for families or limited groups at a discounted price. This package should be popularized in the surrounding community and packaged in the form of an iftar package, Idul Fitri or other events,” M. Setyawan noted.

He added, hotels can change the composition of revenue for a while from initially oriented to room revenue, now to orientation towards restaurants. Also read: Homecoming is prohibited, this is a requirement to leave the city for Jakarta residents

“People are definitely interested because they will feel that even though they can’t stay at the hotel, at least they can eat at the hotel restaurant. Finally, they provide the Hampers package, which is a package that is presented in a unique and attractive way,” he concluded.

Chain hotels and international hotels have a good opportunity to make hampers because they have a brand that adds value to the package. The Hampers package has a pretty good prospect because it can be shipped across provinces. [ special]