THERE were 39,610 guests staying at star hotels in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) in March 2021, an increase of 58.04% with a total of 14,547 people compared to 25,063 people in the previous month.

According to the Head of the NTB’s Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Suntono explained that BPS NTB noted that guests staying at star-rated hotels were dominated by domestic guests totaling 97.98% or 38,810 people, and foreign guests amounting to 2.02% or 800 people. For foreign guests, there was an increase compared to February 2021 with a total of 465 people or an increase of 335 people or 41.8% monthly.

“There were 38,810 local guests in March, an increase of 14,082 or 35.45% compared to 24,728 in February. 4-star hotels are the most preferred choice for domestic and foreign guests to stay,” said Suntono.

He explained, 4-star hotels were the most preferred choices, there were 20,677 people or 53.28% staying at 4-star hotels, while 468 people or 58.50% of foreign guests also chose to stay at star hotels.

“In 3 star hotels, the number of domestic guests stayed 13,776 or 35.50%, while foreign guests totaled 145 people. Meanwhile, for 5 star hotels, domestic guests stayed at 1,628 people or 4.19%, and foreign guests were 180 people or 22.50%,” he concluded. [antaranews/photo special]